Featured Habitat Projects

New York City Sky Condo

This project is located off New York City's High Line. It aims to create an experimental place and to strike a new urban balance: living and farming facilities combined in the heart of a dense active city. The project acknowledges the diversity of eco farming and overlaps the scales and types of planting with an integrated landscape in symbiosis in a fully functional and sustainable building.

G|SaaN's Habitat Expertise

Rick Jin Senior Architect
Rethinking Habitat Design >>> Rick Jin


In biological terms, habitat refers to natural environment of an organism. In architecture terms, we use habitat to describe a broader  sense of man-made residential settings, i.e. places which people call home.
We feel that the term habitat helps to emphasize the vulnerability of built environment in relationship with the natural environment for human. It emphasizes the importance to maintain a balance of ecosystem. We believe a good home environment should provide easy and full access to clean air and water, should promote a healthy life style, and should provide inspiration for spiritual health.  For planners, architects and landscape designers and engineers, the qualities of harmony, self-reliance, vitality and sustainability are important for creation of new communities.
By habitat, we also emphasize the aspect of environmental stewardship and the need for protecting available resources in society. We feel a urgent need to revitalize existing communities and repairing the sick buildings.
By habitat, we emphasize the interrelationship of built environment and the idea of holistic design approach for projects of any size. Whether the residence is just an apartment duplex, a compound or an entire new town, it is always necessary to design to big-picture principles and relationship.

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