Nils Muller

Planning Leader

Registered Architect


The other day I tried to design a finish line, but I didn't know where to start. So I just sat there and drank Gatorade. Ah, but that’s life, no?

Nils is a multi-talented designer who is dedicated at improving quality of urban life. He is a city planner, an urban
designer, an architect and a landscape designer. Nils is used to the integrated approach in design. He is used to
analyze the existing site conditions and nd the best solutions to design problems. He would examine city streets by
studying the shapes of urban blocks and even forms of single buildings. He is able to make the large-scaled space
small and small-scaled spaces unied with the whole. Nils has participated in international competitions and claimed
top awards. Since joining SaaN in 2008, Nils has been involved in many large-scale planning projects.

Featured Projects

Urban Design for Tanggangzi New Town 
People's Square & Dikun Lake Parcels Of Huanghua 
Ji Town Eco Mountain & Forest Resort  
Anshan Cultural Tourism District Phase 
Wuxi Lohas Valley Resort Community 
Wulanchabu Huang Qihai Tourism Plan 
Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone, Hainan
Dalian New Airport Master Plan
Xinjiang Art University Toutunhe Campus
Vanbon Shenyang North-East Asia Logistic Industry Base
International Business College in Central China
Harbin Daoli Korean Town Master Plan
Hohhot East River Community Master Plan

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