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Choose the components of your cleanroom carefully, based on both immediate needs and future requirements, remembering my earlier admonition to consider life cycle costs. While cleanliness is Rule #1, ease of maintenance, flexibility for process, R&D, and product shifts are all factors to consider. An examination of wall, flooring, ceiling, and HVAC options warrants a more in depth discussion than space allows, but this is another area where the investment in an outside consultant’s time will deliver a short payback in issues avoided.
Build with room to spare, but don’t overbuild. One common mistake is the failure to program adequate square footage into the plan at the outset, not only to accommodate future growth but to provide for support systems. That means adding additional square footage around all sides of your “box” to handle expansion of air, water and chemical transport, and conditioning systems. Some suggest three feet all around your layout as an upside allowance; others prefer to determine best practice based upon each situation.

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