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Ethiopia Embassy In Beijing Project Snapshot

This project is to rebuild the entire embassy facility on the existing property in Beijing's embassy district. The design emphasizes security, comfort, and efficiency, as well as embodies traditional architectural elements in spatial and facade treatment. The complex includes a main embassy office building, and two small residential buildings for diplomats.

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Patrick Parsons Project Strategist
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It is always important to have a design strategy when working on a commercial project. Old ideas may not necessarily be obsolete, if examined and review under the light of current market forces and local economy. Ideas such as authenticity, bright light, fresh graphics, lively ambience, etc., are traditional techniques for good retail environment, which are still good design principles today. New ideas such as virtual reality, bring natural environment indoors, juxtapose high-end with low-end shops, and mixed use of space, etc. are also bring good results in retail environment.

In England’s Regent Shopping District, latest technologies such as mobile beacons are being introduced into the … Every store along the roughly mile-long Regent Street — including Burberry, Banana Republic, Hugo Boss and Anthropologie — is expected to install beacons to broadcast offers to shoppers as they walk past the storefront. About 100 stores have already been outfitted with the technology...bringing together online, physical and mobile retailing and using the latest technology to create an experience which delivers across all of the platforms that appeal to 21st century shoppers.”
Another UK example is the Westfield Mall in London. The services the mall offers include free WIFI, concierge service, fashion service and free kids services, i.e. free baby-sitting. Westfield has a distinct feature inside the mall called “collect lounges”, which offer convenient, classy, and services to customers who come in to pick up their on-line purchases. These lounges have luxurious settings for people to wait in style and ask any questions, get instructions regarding the merchandise. They can even return the… These  lounges reminds people of shoppers clubs and … In here, intimacy service is still number strategy in retail industry.

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