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Thoughts on Imaging Equipment in Health Care Facilities >>> Cheryl Baylie


Once upon a time the only way to see what was going on inside a person was to open them up. Nowadays that is the last resort. Imaging Equipment has taken health care diagnostics and treatment to a new level, and facilities are going to need to be ready for the next generation.
The integration of high grade imaging equipment into the Operating Theater is going to require som serious rethinking of Operating Suite design. The imaging equipment electronics are not highly compatible with the clean environment, but the imaging response and quality degrades with the distance between the imaging and image processing equipment increases. Non-‘clean’ spaces are going to be needed immediately adjacent to, but isolated airow-wise from, the Operating Room Proper. It’s going to be eectively adding a small ‘data center’ type space into the OR suite, complete with clean power and tight temperature and relative humidity control.
The equipment itself is going to generate a paradigm shift from current thinking on air ows. No longer is the Operating Theater a simple fixed table with people and ne instruments around and o to the sides. Some of this imaging equipment is massive and rather than moving the instrument, the patient will be moved. The laminar ow zone and the air curtain areas are going to have to be carefully considered.
Even outpatient care is becoming ever more expansive with respect to the use of very complex imaging and analysis equipment. Prenatal clinics now have roll-around high resolution ultrasound and on-site diagnostic equipment.
Other areas of health care are also bringing in technology that incorporates physically large equipment with heavy utilities demands. Wound Care, for example, is starting to incorporate hyperbaric chambers to enhance natural healing. Radiation Oncology has had a whole revolution in style and type of equipment.

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