Parks that are Sophisticate and Smart

Technology and science parks are master-planned areas dedicated to innovation and advancement. Parks like Taiwan’s Hsinchu Science Park are anchored by large corporations such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. which is the world’s largest chip maker. Parks like the Smithville Science Park in Texas are anchored by research institutions in which case MD Anderson, the world's famous medical institution, is the main tenant. In recent years, SaaN has completed parks of both types. 

The first type is the large corporation park. One project is the northern center for China’s State Grid Co. (CCSG). CCSG is the world’s largest utility company. This campus houses CCSG’s new technology HQ. It is located by a lake in Tianjin. Our design scheme binds together different building blocks occupying two urban parcels. Two centrifugal “rings” work as magnetic nuclei for each parcel, complementing and reinforcing each other. Individual functions are organized efficiently. Similar to airport terminal concourses, the two rings ensures independence of individual component while facilitate interrelations among them. 

As a mega corporate campus, this 1-axis 2-ring structure affords the shortest travel route from entry to exit. The diamond shape floor plate of typical functional units are designed to have an internal courtyard, creating other courtyards with its neighboring units, and finally opening up to greenery beyond.

The second park type is anchored by an institution. Our project is Beijing University’s Hangzhou Park. SaaN’s design not only provides a specific solution for Hangzhou, but also works as a prototype for development elsewhere. It includes two towers of R&D research and Incubating technology as the park’s flagship functions, clusters of small buildings for HQ offices, and three larger buildings of regular commercial offices. Small scale courtyard are formed with an intricate water landscape gardens as inspired by traditional Chinese garden. 

The leadership effect of tech & science parks are tremendous in dormant local economies. In advanced regions, small businesses and other enterprises can be added to the mix to create more diverse environment and promote healthy balance inside these parks. Possibilities are limitless.


Innovation by Adaptation


Architectural Metaphorism

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